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Projector FAQ's

Why use a projector?

There are a number of reasons artists benefit from using a Kopykake projector:
1. You can enlarge photos to the size you want and quickly trace the image to get an accurate sketch in minutes. This saves hours compared to the squaring off method.

2. Using a projector helps the artist conquer drawing easily - no more problems with perspective or proportion

3. Many artists prefer painting than drawing so a projector allows them to get painting sooner by enabling them to get their image down fast and sketch in minutes

4. A projector allows artists to draw an accurate sketch every time

5. Because sketches can be done in minutes, artists feel more confident as they paint because they know that a sketch can be done over in minutes anytime they make a painting mistake

6. Professional artists realize projector helps them achieve more in less time = more money!

My Projector is not projecting a clear image?

Be sure to follow the Owner's Manual instructions carefully

Owner's Manuals: Projectors


The main points being:

1. Be sure to remove the protective film from the mirror before use

2. Did you insert the lens correctly? It must be inserted into the lens barrel (like putting a cork back into a wine bottle). For enlarging your image, insert the lens glass end so that is in the upward position. For reducing, insert so the glass lens is in the bottom position.

3. Is the original image buckling? If your original image is buckling in the heat then it will create an out of focus projection. Tape your image to a piece of card to give it rigidity

4. Are you focusing by moving the lens in and out until the image becomes clear?

What if my original image is larger than 6" x 6"? How do I project that?

Our Kobra projector will allow original images of up to 8.5" x 11" (A4 letter size) but our other models accept only images up to 6" x 6" (except the K35 slide projector).

To project an original image that is larger that 6" x 6":

1. Purchase a Kobra projector

2. Reduce your original image on a photocopier

3. Scan your original image at a reduced size and print it (using a computer)

4. Project the image in sections

5. Artwork can also be done sectionally.

Air Compressor FAQ's

Can I use an Airmaster compressor rather than an Airmaster Plus for my arts & crafts projects?

You could BUT, there are some elements of the Airmaster compressor that are NOT helpful for the artist, therefore it is worthwhile paying the little extra for an Airmaster Plus:

1. Airmaster can only accept a push on silicon hose, not the standard arts & crafts hose with a screw on 1/4" fitting

2. Airmaster only gives up to about 30psi, Airmaster Plus is more powerful with up to 50psi

3. With the Airmaster accepting only a push on hose, the airbrush user is restricted to using a single action airbrush that has air flowing through it at all times - a characteristic many artists do not like

Airbrush FAQ's

How do I maintain and clean my Kopykake Airbrush?

For Periodic Airbrush Cleaning and Lubricating Instructions click here: Airbrush Maintenance