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Quiet, attractive and affordable; Kopykake air compressors are popular among a wide variety of users. Durable and dependable these work horses are designed to make your life easier and last for years.


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Airbrush Compressor System

The Airmaster Plus is an excellent compressor for many applications. A special designed RULON© piston actually breathes while working, giving higher performance with zero maintenance while providing pressures up to 55 PSI, quietly. Delivers 0.5 CFM @ 20 PSI.

*Available in Black only

Model C3600BV
This compressor with a built-in pressure switch, which has a bleed regulator to adjust and control the desired air flow. Enjoy full 55psi in Variable + Auto mode or adjust airflow to your exact requirements with the variable control knob.

Underneath its attractive ABS cabinet is a workhorse made to last for years.

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Airbrush Compressor System

Being one of the smallest, quietest compressors available today, the Kroma Jet-2 is widely used around the world.

Delivering a gentle 8 - 14 psi our original air compressor is perfect for fine lines and cake decoration shadings.

Sturdy; quiet and easy to clean too the KromaJet 2 is attractively housed in a no maintenance case.

Use for Make-up, Tanning, Nail Painting, Hobbies, Crafts, etc. Built-in airbrush holder on the case.

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Airmaster | Kopykake | Compressors

*Great for Make-up, Nail Painting, Cake Decorating, etc.

Spray smoothly and evenly with our precision airbrush.
Maintenance free and enclosed in durable ABS cabinet to prevent damage and easy to clean.

*Convenient airbrush holder protects your airbrush when not in use.

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