Brighter, Sharper Projected ImageK1000 | Kopykake | Projector
(so you don't have to work in the dark)

Our original opaque drawing projector produced for cake decorators is also a big hit with professional artists who don't want to work in a dark room.

It is precision made to cater to the most exciting demands of the professional as well as the beginner. With its whisper quiet fan and projecting at angle to enlarge or reduce to almost any size, the Kopykake K1000-G is a tough projector to beat.

The telescopic support mount is spring loaded so even an inexperienced artist can produce beautiful designs in just minutes.

Insert your original image (max 6"x6") and enlarge up to 400% vertically down onto your drawing surface. By simply rotating the head on the stand you can projector large enough to cover a wall and it will also reduce your original image to 70%. When projecting large imagesonto a wall, the projector obviously works better with minimum light in the room.

Although it works best in a dimly lit room you don't have to be in complete darkness for it to work! With 500w of illumination (provided by two 250w color corrected photolamps) the K1000-G will project a bright image in normal lighting conditions and the micro-switch turns the lamps and fan off when copy door is opened.

* 220/240v configured projectors have 250w/250v bulb

Owner's Manual: View it here

K1000 | Kopykake | Projector KOPYKAKE K1000-G PROJECTOR


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