How you can avoid the mad Friday afternoon, Saturday morning decorating rush...

Team Photo Cake

Most people think Kopykake Frosting Sheets can only be used for creating computerized edible picture cakes but that is not the case.

Kopykake Frosting Sheets can, and have, been decorated with edible pens, royal icing, airbrushed designs and even stamps.

Why decorate a frosting sheet?

There are a number of reasons why cake decorators chose to decorate a Frosting Sheet rather than the cake itself;

here are some of them:

• Decorating a Frosting Sheet allows you to make a mistake!

Just imagine, you're airbrushing directly onto your customer's cake and you make a mistake - you've just ruined the cake and you have no choice but to dispose of it. This would not happen if you decorated a Frosting Sheet, you would only ruin the frosting sheet.

Decorating a Frosting Sheet allows you to decorate ahead of time

The Friday afternoon, Saturday morning cake decorating rush can be a thing of the past when you choose to decorate Frosting Sheets because you can decorate them ahead of time, seal them in their Zip-Lock bag and place them on the cake at the last minute. No more rushing and making hurried mistakes - decorate the Frosting Sheets throughout the week or when you're not so busy.

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