Innovative uses for Kopykake Edible Frosting sheets...

Team Photo Cake

Don't forget the many uses for our Kopykake Frosting Sheets.

Available in various sizes, our Frosting Sheets are used by thousands of customers in a variety of ways:

Projecting Image onto Frosting Sheet   1. They're using their Kopykake projector

   to project designs and images

   directly onto the frosting sheets which are then outlined with our

   NEW Edible Ink Pens.




 Coloring Frosting sheet with Edible Ink Pens  2. Other decorators are free-hand

   drawing onto the Frosting Sheets

   with edible ink pens.



Rubber Stamping designs onto Frosting Sheets   3. Creative decorators are

   rubber stamping designs

   onto Frosting Sheets for

   their cookies and cakes.


Airbrushing Frosting Sheet with airbrush compressor  4. Using our Kroma Kolors,

  beautiful effects are being

  airbrushed onto frosting sheets.




Why decorate a frosting sheet?

(see other article for details)

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