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Golfer Template

Adding photos to cakes has revolutionized cake decorating techniques and offer consumers a more exciting choice when choosing a cake.

Be sure you stay ahead of the competition by offering these fun templates. Simply click on the template you like to download it. FREE!

How to use these templates:

1. Download the Templates here FREE by clicking on the

  cover you want

  Once the larger image is displayed (in a new window), right

  click on your mouse and choose "Save Picture As"

2. Have your customer bring you a picture of the person they

   want including in the template

3. Using Photo Express or other software program such as

  Photoshop and cut out your subject's head (use the 'lasso' tool).

4. Copy the head and paste it onto the template, positioning it

  to give the decoration some realism.

5. Print it out and place it on your customer's cake.

"Senior Moment" Golfer Magazine

Senior Golfer Template

     Here is a fun cake decorating idea for those middle age guys who want to play a joke on their golfing buddy.

     Add text and the head from your customer's photo to make this look like a "Senior Moment" golfing magazine cover     
     that features your customer's buddy!




Surfing USA!

Big Surf magazine

     Put your customer's head on this surfer's body to give them the feeling of being a professional surfer!

     Add text to make it more authentic.




Muscle Guy

Body Builder Template

     For all those wishful thinkers. Put your customer's head on this muscle man's body to give them a boost in              
     confidence and a few laughs.




Fishy Fun!

Fisherman Template

     Every fisherman's dream is to catch the "Big One". Give your customers the chance to be a local hero by
     putting their face on this fisherman's body.




Off-Piste On-Cake Skier!

Skier Template

     Outdoor adventurists will love this action shot of a skier on the front cover of "Snow Ski" magazine. Simply place       
     your customer's head on the body for them to become an instant super skier!







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