Creating Team Photo Picture Cakes...

Team Photo Cake

Let’s face it kids love cake, so we should take any opportunity we have to bring them joy.

• Little League Baseball season

• Football season

• Soccer season

– A team sports photo or picture cake is a terrific way to say “Great Season” or to motivate the kids for the start of a new season. Here’s how you can make their photo or picture cake special…

The picture cake decoration shown here was actually created in Adobe Photoshop because we wanted to show you just how creative you can be with Kopykake Edible Frosting Sheets and Edible Inks. However, you can create something easily in our free Desktop Decorator or another program.


What you will need

Adobe Photoshop (or other program)

Canon Scanner and Canon color InkJet printer

Kopykake Edible Inks

Kopykake Edible Frosting Sheets

Baseball clipart used for Team Member's names

Creating the Little League Baseball

Edible Picture Cake

First, we downloaded a picture of a baseball from the Internet because we wanted each of the Team Members to have their own ball on the cake. If you type “Baseball Clipart Pictures” into a search you will find some suitable baseballs. Or simply right click this one and
                                 choose "save picture as".

Once we had this Baseball we could start to design the cake decoration. We used Adobe Photoshop and created a blank 8x10 horizontal page (the size of the frosting on the Qtr sheet Frosting Sheet). The first thing we did was to create a new layer and flood it with a graduated fill, red to yellow. This added some interest to the border that would surround the team photo later.

Adding Baseballs to cake decoration     Opening our Baseball Clipart image we dragged it into our main page to create enough baseballs for each Team Member.
      Positioning them in an attractive way on the border.

     We then added each Team Member’s name and placed one over each baseball adding an outer glow so the name stood out.

     Next we scanned our Team Photo with our Canon scanner and placed it in the center of the cake, leaving space for the text we
     wanted to add. We felt the picture stood out better with a bevel edge, so added this attribute easily in Photoshop.

Now for the words of encouragement! Ours was a post-season cake and so we wanted to congratulate our team on the season. We therefore chose to add the text “Great Season” and the Team’s name is The Diamondbacks, so we added this too. “Great Season” looked better in a slight arc so we altered the text attributes in Photoshop easily. We also added an outer glow and slight bevel to the text to make it more prominent.

Complete Team Cake Decoration

     All we had to do then was print the cake design using our Canon printer and Kopykake Edible Inks, peel it from the
     backing sheet
and place it on the cake before presenting it to a little league team full of smiles!

Easy Steps From Photo to Cake

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